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  1. Theistic Satanists and UFOs: Why the Connection

    By Rev. Eddie Donnally DMin My recent research has revealed two things. Theistic Satanism or those who believe and practice fundamental Satanism, is growing. Their…

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  2. Demons & UFOs – Is There a Connection?

  3. What are Doctrines of Demons?

  4. Chained to a Miracle

      By Rev. Eddie Donnally. It was dawn when the silver and black bus rolled out of the Los Angeles County Jail parking lot and…

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  5. Doctrines of Demons – UFOs, Aliens, NASA & the False Messiah

  6. Doctrines of Demons – Christian Thriller by Eddie Donnally

  7. Lovemakonnen Swerve

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  10. Stars creeping open unto all

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