Why is the Spirit of Babylon Rising so Fast in America?

By Rev. Eddie Donnally DMin.

The rebuilt gate of Ishtar as it stands today.


While for many this may sound incredulous, the rise of the spirit of Babylon in America was accelerated by a sexual magical rite in a plush Pasadena CA home in the winter of 1946.

It is widely accepted that Jack Parsons, who invented solid rocket fuel and founded Pasadena’s famed Jet Propulsion Laboratory, performed a magic rite with his German girlfriend Marjorie Cameron and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. They named it “Babylon Working.“ The word Babylon is derived from the Greek form of the name based on the Akkadian plural form Bab-ilani or “Gate of God.”

They were hoping to widen, some say recklessly, the gate opened by famed English occultist Aleister Crowley on our nation’s opposite coast. In 1919 in Manhattan, Crowley and his boyfriend Roddie Minor performed a sexual majickal (their spelling) rite called Amalantrah Working. It was designed to open the portal to a different dimension where they rightfully believed Satan and a group of his demons (fallen angels) existed. Crowley then produced a drawing of “Lam,” whose resemblance to the alien “grays” of today’s UFOs is striking.

The Bible speaks of gates to heaven and hell, from the Tower of Babel, Jacob’s ladder and “The gates of hell,” of which Jesus spoke. Throughout history, a host of witches and warlocks have sought to open the portals of hell and loose demons. Today, Satanists still believe sexual magic and sacrificial rites can bring forth demons from another dimension.

It seems obvious that Babylon Working opened such a portal, one that heralded the modern area of UFOs. Indeed, in 1947 came the controversial Roswell N.M crash of an alien spaceship, and   Kenneth Arnold sighted a group of spacecraft over Washington State’s Cascade Mountains.

We know from Daniel and his fight with the powerful demon, The Prince of Persia (Dan 10:13) that powerful demons (fallen angels) are assigned to nations.  I believe Babylon Working set loose or at least gave added power to a demon assigned to America. I offer the following events as evidence.

1950s Zen Buddhism gains a huge following in America

1952 Famous UFO sightings over Washington DC, July 12-19,

1960 Birth Control Pills come in vogue and America’s Sexual Revolution begin

1963 Supreme Court remove prayer from public schools.

1966 Time Magazine Cover: “God is Dead.”

1966 Satanists Anton LaVey became a pop culture idol, publishes his “Satanic Bible,” and founds the modern church of Satan on June 6, 1966, (666)

1970 Heavy Metal Music rises with satanic lyrics started with Black Sabbath.

1970: Sex Education began being taught in schools

1970 Gallup Poll reveals 75% of Americans believed religion was losing its influence.

1973 Roe Vs Wade legalizes abortion

1976 Anne Rice’s “Interview with a Vampire,” becomes an all time best seller.

1977 Popular movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind, depicts space aliens as benevolent creatures who seek to benefit mankind.

1970s The beginning of the still growing “New Age Religion.”

1980s Pornography enters the mainstream and by 2007 records $6 Billion in yearly revenues.

1982: The movie “ET” depicts a space alien as a cuddly, loving being.

1986 Heavy Metal Music rises, become heavily influenced by vampires and includes such bands as “Creeping Death, Banded by Blood and Raining Blood.”

1990s: AIDS becomes an American Epidemic

1997: First “Harry Potter” book is released

2000 Pollsters record that regular church attendance has been cut in half from about 40% of the population in the 1960s to less than 20% in the year 2000.

2009 History Channel starts it popular “Ancient Astronaut Series” which each week since preaches to some 1.5 million per episode that extraterrestrials from other planets founded the human race.

2010 Experts say some 25% of the population is adherents to some type of New Age Philosophy

2012 American UFO sightings take on a dramatic increase and have increased every year since.

2012 Catholic Church complete it’s Arizona telescope to look for extraterrestrial life and names it L.U.C.I.F.E.R.

2013 Vampire movies, TV Series and books become enormously popular

2015 Theistic Satanist website operator Diane Vera writes that such Satanic worshiping sites are no longer in the minority of Satanic sites but “have grown and now seem to be in the majority.”

2015 The IRS admits to targeting Christian groups applying for non-profit status

2015 Same Sex Marriage becomes a Constitutional Right

2015 The Vatican announces a huge increase in the need for exorcisms and convenes a worldwide meeting of priests to teach exorcism.

2016 NASA announces that water has been found on Mars and predicts that more advanced life forms are likely to be found on other planets

There are other examples. Though we believe the Bible’s gates of hell have been opened, we know as Jesus said, they will not prevail. Yet Babylon is surely rising.

The Bible has much to say about Babylon and it’s worthwhile to read the six principle chapters on the subject; Isaiah 13 and 14; Jeremiah 50 and 51; and Revelation 17 and 18. The subject has generated widely differing opinions by theologians on Babylon, and in general there are two schools of thought.

First, in Revelation 17 and 18, two of the Bible’s most theologically disputed chapters, it is primarily a religious system and then a political and commercial system. The religious system of ancient Babylon was founded by Nimrod, who many believe was a fallen angel. The city was highly demonic and it is this demonic spirit that I believe has been set loose on America.

The second position is that Babylon as an actual city in Iraq. If it is, theologians taking this position say it must be rebuilt and then destroyed during the end times (Jeremiah 50:1-23). Historically, the Assyrians, under Sennacherib, destroyed the city in the seventh century BC and  his successor, Esarhaddon, re-built Babylon and returned it to its former glory. Nebuchadnezzar later renovated the city, making it perhaps the world’s grandest city in that era. But though the centuries it fell into decay.

Oddly, Saddam Hussein started rebuilding the ancient city’s modern ruins before being disposed and killed. In 2010, the U.S. State Department committed a $2 million grant to the project. Some of the ruins have been rebuilt and it is possible that ISIS, which controls territory close to the ancient city, will destroy what has been rebuilt as they have with other ancient cities in the region.

I tend to believe it’s not a city but a religious and, political system, likely identical to the One World Order.  Its coming center may be a city, (many say Rome) cities, or even a region and not the ancient city itself. Crowley conjured his famous UFO lookalike demon in Manhattan, the world’s financial center. Hollywood is the nation’s entertainment center. Adjacent to its Walk of Fame and Kodak Center, site of the Academy Award ceremony, is a two story bas-relief of the Babylonian God, Marduk. The tower of Babel was dedicated to this demon of untold powers, according to a host of demonologists. The Bible twice refers to the same demon as Merodach, “the evil king of Babylon.” Marduk is listed as a god destroyed by God in the end times (named Bel in Jeremiah 51:44).

In Revelation, the False Prophet (Rev.13 11-12: 19:20) is an individual, not necessarily human, who is the powerful religious leader called “the Great Whore,” and rules over the alliance of nations called, The Beast. The False Prophet, whose rise may begin before the rapture, is the partner of the Antichrist, Satan’s earthly embodiment. Together, they rule over a host of demons or demonic forces who with God’s permission will punish those here on earth—likely after the rapture—who do not take on themselves the “mark of the beast.”

Jesus, of course, returns and all those who know Christ will spend eternity in heaven. It’s what happens between now and then that stirs my soul to warn Christ’s church. But be sure, prophesy is an arm that slings the hammer of evangelism.

A host of secular UFO experts such as Jacques Vallee, Pulitzer Prize winner Dr. John Mack, Raymond Fowler, and John Keel have written about the occultic nature of UFOs. Even famed atheist and physicist Stephen Hawking warns that creatures aboard UFO are malevolent. The New Age Religion has joined with Satanism, with many of the latter’s websites writing favorably about UFOs. The numbers of New Agers and Satanists, both modern and theistic, are growing rapidly. With the rise of Babylon, America’s government and culture seems to be preparing us to accept “benevolent” extraterrestrial beings, whom the New Agers maintain gave birth to the human race and will return to save it.

The number of UFO sightings dramatically increased in 2012 and continue to increase. Their interdimensional qualities defy all known laws of physics, and their ability to leave evidence of their having landed in certain places coincide with what Genesis 6 says about fallen angels having intercourse with women and producing  a hybrid race of Nephelim, whose spirits remain with us today as demons.

Perhaps, the acute trajectory of moral decay of this nation is best explained by a looser rein given to a powerful demon—much like Daniel’s Prince of Persia—during Babylon Working. This coincides with Biblical prophecy on end-time events. 1 Tim.4:1, which says “in the latter times some will fall away from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons.”  I believe the end time prophecy on doctrines of demons, involves just that: demons. Just as the demon assigned to Persia, sought to stop Daniel’s message from God, so does the demon assigned to the U.S., work to stop God’s message of the Gospel and prophesy to this nation. Yet, after Daniel fasted and prayed, God sent Archangel Michael who successfully allowed Daniel to write what God had given him.

The events I noted, facts I sited and most importantly the Bible’s prophesy on end time events beg the question: Might the prophesied False Prophet or even the Antichrist, one day step from a spaceship and proclaim himself the awaited “Messiah?”

Note: This article was inspired by “On the Path of the Immortals,” by Tom Horn and Chris Putnam, a Biblically-based, well researched book that sits well with my Sprit and what I believe the Lord has given me to say. While I believe God has given me this dire warning, I also believe the Bible teaches assembled prayer has the power to swing the hinges of history and can preserve America from judgment for a time. Yet, the Bible’s end time prophecies will be fulfilled.      

Jesus, of course, returns and all those who know Christ as Savior will spend eternity in heaven. It’s what happens between now and His return that stirs my soul to warn Christ’s church. As a whole, it seem woefully unprepared for what I believe God has told me will be soon coming events.  But be sure; prophesy is only one of the arms that slings the hammer of evangelism.