By Reverend Eddie Donnally DMin

NASA announced recently they found evidence of water on Mars.  Their officials said, “The finding also fuels speculation that life may have at one time thrived on Mars or could possibly even exist today. They may not be ‘Star Trek-type’ extraterrestrials, but we may be close to finding alien life.”

I predict that NASA or another government agency will, in the near future, reveal proof of alien life forms. After all, movies, thousands of hours of TV documentaries, hundreds of books and sighting by millions of people have convinced half of the people in the US, UK and Germany that UFOs are guided by extraterrestrials from other planets, according to recent surveys. From a governing perspective, conditioning is nearly at the point a more detailed reveal will not bring panic.

What does proof of alien life on other planets mean for Christians? Oh, not much. First, evolution will be confirmed as fact. If life evolved on other planets, it surely evolved here. Secular humanism will have a scientific foundation on which to build a one world religion. The foundation principle of Christian theology, that humans were created in the image of God, will be shattered by one NASA press release.

It will be replaced by the belief held by untold millions of New Agers that ancient aliens landed their craft on earth, mated with human woman and created the human race. Thus, the space aliens will become God or Gods to be welcomed and even worshiped when they decide to return to earth. Once here, they will rid the world of negative people, (Christians) when they perform a worldwide cleansing. This will save us from ourselves and bring about a new world order of peace; one the New Agers call the Age of Aquarius or Horus

This is Satan’s version of the rapture, the Days of Tribulation and the return of Christ.

While God is God and could have created the aliens and given them a soul, something some in the faith community believe, the Bible simply does not address that possibility. It does in many ways and in many places address a spiritual realm where angels battle demonic forces. It clearly says that angels were kicked out of heaven along with the angel of light, Lucifer and perhaps some who left on their own (Genius 6:3) mated with women and produced a race that survived the flood. Most theologians believe their spirits left after their death are the demons that today roam the earth looking for human spirit to replace or at least affect.

The Bible says in many places, including Joel 2 and 3 and Revelation 9 that these fallen angels will one day return to earth, wreak havoc and usher in the days of Tribulation and the resulting rise of the Antichrist. .

Jesus said of the end times that “the very elect,” will be fooled. Paul in Thessalonians spoke of God sending “strong delusion” to those who will not believe his truth. I believe that alien life forms on other planets are fallen angels who may have lived or visited planets after leaving heaven, and they plan to destroy the world and not save it. Paul said in Ephesians 6 that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but powers, principalities and “spiritual hosts (angels) of wickedness in heavenly places.

A growing number of Christians as well as many secular UFO scientists believe the UFO phenomenon is based in the occult, and UFO craft are trans-dimensional. The Bible says God’s angels are spiritual beings, but sometimes came as men, ate lunch and carried on conversations. Some UFOs leave landing marks, have been touched by humans and have on board forms that take on a variety of shapes and sizes. If this is true, and I am convinced it is, it would be easy for them to leave unmistakably produced artifacts on a variety of planets or moons.

I realize that many will believe me a religious zealot with beliefs from outer space. These days, even nominal Christians are considered strange boats rowing against the current in the mainstream of modern thought. Those “in the know” said far worse about a whole host of God’s prophets. I just hope they don’t throw me down a well like they did Jeremiah.

The point is: NASA has an agenda with a message they are revealing in stages. And that message is as decidedly anti-Christian as ISIS and Al-Qaeda. So beware! Like Satan, this delusion as well as the thought that we are the gods of our own universe, is enticing.