By Rev. Eddie Donnally DMin

FalconF4 FalconM2

God gave me an incredible omen on the second day of this year. I saw close up a pair of Peregrine Falcons in a tiny wooded area next to the Hospice Care Center where I work on weekends.  The ancient Hebrews believed in signs and so do I.

Recently, Psalm 91 has been jumping into my spirit from many directions, and I believe God has given it me for 2016. It has a message of incredible protection for those who, “dwell in the secret place of the Most High.”  Verse three says,  “Surely he will deliver you from the snare of the fowler. “  A fowler is a hunter who ensnares birds of prey, especially falcons, blindfolds them to tame them and turns them into hunters of game that is killed by the bird and eaten by the hunter.

None other than Charles Spurgeon in his famous sermon “The Snare of the Fowler,” preached at The Music Hall in London’s Royal Surry Gardens in 1857, named as the fowler, Satan. All who have made a stand for Christ, and in particular whose who have a mission (Ep. 5) to “expose the works of Satan,” can expect to have well disguised snares set on their paths.

Oddly, Peregrine Falcons show up in my non-fiction bio, “Ride the White Horse,” and my new thriller, “Doctrines of Demons,” a novel I believe contains an end-time prophesy for the church.  I’ve never seen a pair of these rare super-birds, much less in such an unlikely place.

Let us not forget Jesus will come again and in the end we have victory. But ultimate victory doesn’t mean we will not have bitter, vicious battles between now and then. Yet,  Psalm 91 guarantees protection.  It names protection from a host of calamities and the coming year will likely contain many. Yet, “Because you have made the Lord, who is my refuge, even the Most High your dwelling place, no evil shall befall you.” (Vs 9-10)

The Lord sent me two of the most graceful, brave and keen-eyed hunters He created to turn me to His Psalm of protection. I think the message for all of us is that protection is dependent on making God our “dwelling place,” not  glancing as we pass by, not stopping in for lunch or making it our out of town motel . No, we are called to “dwell” or be in God’s presence and divine will at all times; depend solely on Him, His only Son, His Word and follow that still small Holy Spirit voice we hear behind us.  Impossible you say! The Bible says with Christ all things are possible.

Join me and make dwelling in the glorious presence of God a priority in 2016. God said our protection is at stake.